Sex is something that an average full-fledged couple can’t do without. But what if one day sexual problems break into your home and arise in front of you? A man can’t satisfy his woman anymore because of a weak erection or its full absence. It is a significant problem that may have a variety of underlying reasons. In any case the condition shouldn’t remain untreated to avoid serious health consequences.


Erectile dysfunction also called impotence may occur for physical or psychological reasons. This division is important to clearly understand what have caused sexual dysfunction. Sometimes the condition occurs for both reasons. For example, diabetes is an underlying cause (physical reason), depression and anxiety (psychological reason) arises from diabetes. The combination of these conditions may lead to erectile dysfunction.

How can erectile dysfunction occur? Your brain is a giant controlling machine that sends millions of signals to all of the parts of your body including penis. Certain signals activate processes of expanding and hardening penis tissues at the expense of increased blood flow to the genital area. Any obstruction in the way of nervous signals or blood flow may cause difficulty getting a proper erection. Erection suppressing conditions that decrease blood flow to penis are called vasculogenic illnesses (hypertension – high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease) whereas the ones that interfere with your nervous system are called neurogenic illnesses (multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, a stroke). Other physical causes include hormonal (hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism) and anatomical conditions (Peyronie’s disease). Sometimes the use of certain medicines (diuretics, antidepressants, etc.) may lead to erectile dysfunction.

Reduced libido that means the level of your sexual desire can also be the cause of erection dysfunction. Your libido may be reduced by such psychological conditions as depression and anxiety as well as by the deficit or excess of sex hormones.

If you experience problems with erection, you should have your cоndition diagnosed by a professional who will accurately identify the underlying cause.


The main question here arises: “How to treat erectile dysfunction?” You shоuld mаke a start from an underlying cause. The narrowing of the arteries can be treated by special medicines called statins and lifestyle changes including diets and a healthy way of life.

Erectile dysfunction can be successfully treated with a number of medicines containing active substances that provide a stable erection.

Such names as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and Kamagra belongs to this group. One of these preparations is enough for most men to say goodbye to sexual dysfunction. So, no surgery is required to treat the condition, a pill is sufficient.

The above mentioned medicines have subtle distinctions in the duration of drug effect, but on the whole they are much alike. However, Viagra is considered to be the most popular medicine for erectile dysfunction in the world.

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