Blood pressure is an important health indicators that, if above or below normal, tells a person that there is something wrong with his health. Blood pressure is created by blood circulating and therefore exerting pressure upon the walls of blood vessels and is sometimes called arterial blood pressure.

While measuring blood pressure at your upper arm using a special device called sphygmomanometer, it is important to keep in mind that normal numbers peculiar to a human are 120/80 mm Hg. It should be noted that the former number denotes the systolic pressure whereas the latter – the diastolic pressure. However, normal blood pressure can vary within a certain individual range (90 – 139/60 – 80) depending on person’s mood, the situation a person is in, and activity. Nervous and endocrine systems are regulators of blood pressure. If blood pressure is too high (above 140/90), such a condition is referred to as hypertension; if it’s too low (below 90/60), a person experiences hypotension. Abnormal blood pressure may be a sign of a severe illness, e.g. cardiovascular disease.
Although normal blood pressure may significantly vary from person to person, measures should be taken if it’s too increased or decreased. Blood pressure treatment may involve using diverse types of medicines. It goes without saying that hypertension and hypotension are treated with different drugs. In the former case such drugs as diuretics, calcium channel blockers, alpha 2 agonists, beta blockers and others reduce arterial pressure whereas vasopressors increase it. In case blood pressure is a symptom of some condition, it is necessary to treat it and you’ll see your blood pressure get back to normal.
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