Antifungal medication involves using certain preparations for fungi, a group of such microorganisms as yeasts and molds that can settle down on a person’s skin or in his lungs and evolve into a big colony. To show that fungal conditions (or mycoses) are a serious problem nowadays, here are concrete numbers. About a million of people got affected by fungi in 2010, which made fungal infection the 4th most common disease in that year. Now let’s look at the ways fungi spread.

 Ways fungi spread

Fungal spores can be inhaled, which may lead to developing a fungal infection in lungs. Getting a certain amount of fungi on the skin can also cause a persistent skin infection.
Among the most common causes are a long-term use of strong antibiotics, a weakened immune system (due to HIV/AIDS, steroid treatment, or chemotherapy), diabetes, and very young or very old age. Strong antibiotics are capable of killing not only bad bacteria, but also healthy microorganisms, which may adversely affect person’s health on the whole.
Antifungal treatment consists in clearing such fungal infections as ringworm, athlete’s foot, candidiasis, cryptococcal meningitis, and others. Effective antifungal medicines contain any type of a substance called azole – imidazole, triazole, or thiazole. Each type includes subtypes slightly different from each other in chemical structure: imidazole – ketoconazole, bifonazole, etc.; triazole – fluconazole, terconazole; triazoles – abafungin. There are other antifungal drugs such as those containing polyene, echinocandins, and others.

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